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Dive Sites

Wreck Sites

It is possible to request a certain dive site. We can't guarantee but we'll do our best for you. Click here to view the Sport Diver magazine Bermuda suppliment, and take a sneek peak at some of our most famous wrecks.

Hover your mouse over a wreck site to see a description.

Constellation Lartlington Montana Hermes Pollackshields Cristobal Colon Marie Celeste L'Herminie The Kate Darlington Pelinaion Madiana Darlington Blanche King Rita Zovetta Blanche King Minnie Breslauer North carolina Xing Da Caraquet Taunton

Follow these links to some HD video of our sites compliments of Yuri Matsegora

Reef Sites

Hangover hole, is a lovely reef site with a max depth of 55ft. Numerous swim throughs litter the bottom of the reef allowing divers to explore the innermost sections of this centuries old formation. This one is for the more seasoned diver.

Barracuda reef, is a lovely second dive, a long row of breakers make this an area that provides protection for a vast number of marine life. Groupers are sometimes seen here stopping by one off the many cleaning stations. With shallow areas for beginner divers to a deep drop off this is the perfect site for any level of diver.

South West Breaker, This location was used in the movie "The Deep". With a variety of marine life usually only found in such quantities in large aquariums, this dive will have you raving for years to come. A single large swim through leads you to the other side of the breaker and is home to glassy eye sweepers, large snapper and a huge grouper. During the right time of the year barracuda's block out the sun in mass numbers.

Sandy Hole, This site we use for Discover Scuba Divers. It is a perfect place to learn to dive due to the massive sand patch surrounded by reefs on all sides. Thus allowing new divers to experience the marine life without damaging the reef or themselves. Even Seasoned divers can enjoy this site by taking a quick route over to the Arch by the breaker.

Shell City, Located just beyond the entrance to the dive shop bay, this site is apply named for its large quantity of shell's. With reef heads popping up all over the place and short wide swimthroughs this place is great for a quick dive to refresh your skills and love for diving.

Three Sisters, named for the three large almost identical breakers that line up east to west. Each breaker almost as far from the other as the next. This site is awesome for a nice long relaxing dive. Find a school of snapper hanging out under the over hang. Or the local spotted eel that lives in a hole on the north side of the middle breaker. Sitting right on the edge of a large drop of into the depths of Bermuda, you can see fish from all sorts of depth coming here to feed or avoid weather or another larger predator.

In-betweenies, Located between Three sisters and South West Breaker. This site is close to the breaker but certainly very different, a huge school of jacks fly around your head while the grouper just hang out to watch you dive.


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