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Enjoy year round diving on both the North and South Shore. Dive every day we dive!!!!!!

Being a member entitles you to various discounts on courses and beach rentals. We offer different kinds of membership, please contact us for information.

- Develop your Diving and build up your logged dives

- Extend your skills and increase your qualifications

- Order Dive equipment through our club shop

- 10% off courses

- Members are entitled to use the restaurant and shower facilities at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel

- Request locations for Dives

Membership Types

Membership With Own Equipment - $1100

This includes tanks and weights and storage, which will save you having to worry about bringing it with you every time that you dive.

Renewing Members - $1000

Once you get to know your own way around the dive sites you naturally become more confident and adventurous. This is where the fun begins and will fuel your appetite for doing even more dives as well as continuing your diver education.

Membership for Divemasters - $1000

As a Dive Master it is only natural that you will want to use the skills you have been taught. We like to encourage Dive Masters to perfect their skills and also prepare for the next step up the PADI ladder should you wish to do so. We also train Dive Masters to Assistant Instructor level and offer a 10% discount off of our standard price.

Memberships for Assistant Instructors/Instructors - $1000

If you are an Assistant Instructor you will probably be preparing for your I.D.C.

As you will be aware this involves using teaching skills both in and out of the water.

Membership Including All Equipment Rental - $1300

This is particularly good for people who have just qualified and do not want to buy their own equipment. On average each member probably does between 20 and 40 dives that will save you a lot of money on hiring equipment if you decide on the above package.

Programs Offered

A complete range of continuing diver education plus fun courses including specialties in Deep, Wreck, Navigation, and Search & Recovery.


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