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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do we provide transfers.

A. Unfortunately we are unable to pick up guests. The best ways to get to our shop is by moped, bus, ferry or taxi.


The number 7 and 8 run past or location.

From the bus terminal on Church Street, Hamilton : Travel time is about 30-45 minutes.

From Kings Wharf, Dockyard: Travel time is around 25-35 minutes.

From St. Georges: Travel time is around 70-80 minutes. Not including a change over in town.


From Hamilton: Travel time is around 20-25 minutes. Cost approximately $20

From Dockyard: Travel time is around 15-20 minutes. Cost approximately $25

From St. Georges: Travel time is around 45 minutes. Cost approximately $50

Q. Where can I stay while on island

A. We first and foremost recommend ether the Fairmont Southampton or the Fairmont Hamilton Princes. (Please see our web site for information on diving packages with the hotel.) However if the Fairmont is full or you would like to know of other places close by please follow the link below.

Q. Do we offer night dives:

A. We do run night dives from time to time. We need four or more people to do the trip. Usually we dive from the shore right off the beach in front of our shop.

Q. Do we offer gear storage:

A. Our dive shop is equipped with a storage room where you can leave all your equipment for the duration of your stay on island. We will wash and clean your BCDs regulators and wetsuits, before locking them in our shop at night to dry. Alternatively you can leave your gear on the boat securely locked in the forward hold. You can also have your gear serviced or worked on while in our possession.

Q. What facilities do you offer divers

A. Being located on the beautiful Fairmont Southampton beach we have access to all the luxuries of a 5 star hotel. Changing rooms and lockers are located in the bath room as well as warm showers. There our outdoor showers for rinsing off. Across the beach is the Cabana Bar and Grill. Serving great food and drinks from 11am to 7pm. A small snack and gift shop is also located just above the dive shop

Q. What do we sell at the dive shop

A. We offer a range of Dive Bermuda branded merchandise, including t-shirts and ball caps. We also sell sunglasses, sun cream, jewelry, wreck maps, dry bags and a range of drinks

Q. What courses do we offer

A. We offer courses from open water to instructor, as well as a range of specialty dive courses.

Q. What type of diving do we offer.

A. Generally our two tank morning trip is one wreck, one reef. Most of our south shore sites are located within a 10 to 15 minute boat ride from the dive shop. The wrecks are generally between 55 and 75 feet in depth. The shallower reef dive is usually in the region of 45ft maximum.We check in at 8.30am and try to leave as close to 9am as possible. Depending on the location of the sited we expect to be back around 12pm, give or take 20 minutes.

Q. What do we need to bring with us

A. If you are a certified diver please bring your card for verification by our dive crew. On board we have fresh water, sun cream and towels. There is also a marine head. You are welcome to bring personal possessions on board or you can leave them in the dive store. If you have valuables please ask our helpful dive crew who will store them behind the counter until you return from your dive.

Please leave your shoes in the dive shop.



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